Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can We Do This??? It Doesn't Matter Either You Are A Girl Or Boy

Attempt to become their best friend. Not just any other friend, become someone that they couldn't live without, who listens to all their problems and always helps out when times get hard. Also tell them about yourself, your dreams, sorrows and wishes. You need to establish a connection like no other, something that neither of you could live without. Spend time with them, get to know them better and get the sense of trust. A shoulder to lean on and some good friend that they can always turn to is all that a person wants. Make the person feel special, because they are someone's friend - your friend, and let them know that they too have touched your life in a unique way like no one else could. Compliment them for their company and for being there when you needed them, times when you felt sad and all alone. Show appreciations for the comfort the person offers you and for making you smile. In your day to day talks, share your dreams, your world, and every aspect of your life with your friend. Always dream with her, build with her, and always cheer her on and encourage her.

Hint. Before you two get too close and pass the "I love you as a friend" line or become too much of a brotherly figure you need to give her hints that you might like her more then as a friend. Simple harmless flirts, comments, something that would make her tell you that you're sweet, but also make her think a moment longer about the comment and wonder if there is another deeper meaning to it all. But don't overdo it, because then you're just making it too obvious.

Keep trying. When you start to see #2 starting to come from her side, you know you're getting somewhere, if you haven't noticed it from her yet, try a bit harder. Be more obvious because some girls are used to being flirted with a lot.

Back off. When you're sure that you are getting somewhere, back off a little. If you see her everyday avoid her for two days or so, no contact! She will end up missing you and really understanding how deeply she feels for you. But make sure you have a valid reason for being away when she asks.

Worry sparingly about what she feels because girls like to talk so she will end up telling a friend about her feelings and that friend will end up telling another person and so on, so the news will reach your ears sooner or later. It's bound to happen no matter what, the more popular you or she is the faster you will know about it. If don't hear anything but you are sure she likes you then you can still continue to keep following these steps.

Tell her. Take her aside, it's best to be in private to make it seem more personal and to avoid humiliation for her or you in case something goes wrong. Tell her your feelings, absolutely everything you feel, don't leave anything forgotten or held back, the more the better. Then pause and wait for her response, if it is positive then congrats, if not, well then you need a cover fast! You need to convince her to just forget about this whole thing and pretend it never happened and that you can just be friends if she doesn't have the same feelings as you.

  • Double, triple, quadruple times think this over; is it worth risking a friend?
  • Get your feelings straight before you attempt anything, you don't want to breakdown if anything goes wrong.
  • There's always the chance of you breaking up with her someday and if that happens consider if it is worth the chance of losing her as a friend too?
  • Remember, patience is the most important thing you need to have to make this work.
  • Let her borrow your music, make her a mix CD. The music you listen to shows her a whole other side of you, it helps her to understand you better.
  • Look deep into her eyes whenever you talk to her, eyes show the most emotion a person can show, it also will make her fall in love with you faster and you will be able to tell if she loves you or not.
  • Don't overthink anything she does or says, because girls don't seem to think about things like that as much as we do, she might do something that she didn't even realize but you will be stuck thinking about it for days on end.
  • You have to be creative and constructive to keep girl's interest in you so be full of life.
  • Be a gentleman: don't curse, don't get wasted when with your with her it's actually better if you stay sober when she is around, if she doesn't smoke try to decrease your smoking amount or even quit if you have to, it's either the cigarettes or her.
  • Make sure she knows she's loved even as just as a friend!
  • Never fail to phone her, even when she least expects it.
  • Don't flirt with other girls, if you try to make her jealous after you know that she likes you, then it will be a major turn off and you could hurt her.
  • Invite her to hang out with your friends, and remember to hang out with her and her friends sometimes to.
  • Become close to her friends but don't tell them anything even if they seem to be your extremely close friends, they could help you out later, and she will be impressed that you are so friendly.
  • Don't be shabby, always stay clean!
  • Don't do things to fit in with or impress other people, be yourself, that will impress her more then giving in to peer pressure.
  • Be romantic and emotional with her but don't overdo it and make them think you are emo!
  • It's her feelings over yours, the last person in the world you would want to hurt is her.
  • Absolutely never pretend to be someone you're not, be yourself.
  • Once you have her never let her go.
  • Try not to get too attached unless you're sure it's going to work, harder done then said i know, but it's best for you.
  • Be different and unique in your own way that is what she will fall in love with.
  • When you get into this friendship it has to be in your mind that you want to become her best friend and not her boyfriend always keep the boyfriend thing deep in your mind and only let it pop up when you're not around her. It makes you fall in love with her twice in different ways and will make your relationship so much stronger.
  • If you can wait until she brings up her feelings first then you can do the same. It's a lot less risky.
  • Find out as much as you can about her to get close, the closer the better.
  • Always try to smile, it makes you easier to talk to and makes her smile at you which will just make your heart melt like butter, and luckily hers to.
  • It'll never hurt to give a girl a present, if you can't think one up then ask one of your female friends or one who knows her and she\he can help you out.
  • Call her beautiful or cute not sexy or hot.
  • Be calm and laid back, don't spaz out.
  • Crack jokes, girls always like funny guys, just know the difference between laughing with you and laughing at you.
  • Don't lie to her, a relationship like this depends on the trust between you two in order for it to not end.
  • Never tell her you love her, unless you truly mean it with all of your heart.


  • If you don't tell her, you will regret it. No matter how you fear hurting your friendship, you can't hide forever. She could be falling in love with you, and you'll just be hurting both of you by keeping it bottled up inside. And if not, it's better to have loved and lost, right?
  • "She may actually NOT want you as a lover." If you find that whatever you do doesn't matter, and that she doesn't respond to anything, consider that she may not want anymore than just friends, and quickly back off so that you don't creep her out. That way, you'll stay friends, and you can try to win her heart later.
  • You might end up losing a close friend which will hurt even more then not being able to tell her you love her.
  • If you guys get together be careful because some things might change, it's a big impact on a friendship.
  • Some girls are used to the whole flirting thing, it's like a habit. So be careful, you might act too fast and spoil the whole thing.
  • If she finds out about your feelings for her from another person before she needs to that will also corrupt things unless she already likes you by then and she will pretend she never heard and she will wait for you to make your move. On the other hand if she freaks she will want to see if the rumor is true and she will test you, this is impossible to avoid unless you hear about it, if you hear about it just deny it when she asks you, trust me it's not worth it, I would know...
  • If you face rejection don't break down in front of her, you can cry all you want later but keep your stuff together and try to mend it as best as you can.
  • If you fall in love and it goes wrong it's going to take the longest time to get over her and it will stay on your mind, and your heart will actually feel pain and as if a chunk was missing right out of the middle, no matter what you think about you will always feel there is something missing so deep inside you will never be the same again, when you think about it you will cry and forget about the world, with her face seared in to your eye lids you won't be able to sleep, you might even stop eating for a while and you will even start doing bad things just to try to get your mind off it, losing someone you love is a life changing experience. Consider yourself warned!
  • Never, ever, ever call her any bad names even if you were just joking.
  • Never spend a lot of time thinking up what you are going to say to her on the phone or when you see her next time, because when the time comes for you to say something you will forget everything and make it up along the way.
  • You might have to deal with seeing her in someone else's arms, think about how that would make you feel?
  • Try to keep the beast of jealousy locked up, which i know is really hard for us guys, but just keep in mind that you're the one who she's going to end up falling in love with in the end!
  • Try to avoid testing the waters with her to many times she will get angry, you should know how far she would go with out even testing, use you're common sense and don't be a pig.
  • And when you guys hug don't put your hands on her butt, most girls don't like that.
  • When you tell her that you love her, tell her in person and not over texts or note or anything like that it has to be face to face, to make it seem as personal as it possibly can seem, the emotions need to flow between you two, and unless you're some kind of poet then you need to face to face.
  • Even if a person says we will pretend like nothing happened; its still going to change things, there is nothing you can do about it.

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