Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Loghat Al Ain = Bahasa Matamu

Jamila is another single from them.

Ha kalau nak tau mana satu Shant Gerabedian, tu yang belah kiri sekali and dia sorang je pandang tempat lain.

This picture was taken when they shot for this single. Jambu kan yang rambut panjang tu? Hehehe. The tallest one, tu yang tangan dua-dua pegang palang besi. Pakai singlet je.

Qaletli law fi meni thnayn
She said, if there were two of me

Ay wa7da mna tekhtar
Which one of us would you choose

Ana eli afham loghat el3ayn
I understand the language of the eyes

Wala heya kolaha te7tar
Although she is completely confused/undecided

Qelteha b kol el wjoud
I told her in all confidence

Methlek enti ma laqi ethnayn
I can not find two like you

Laken law faradna mawjoud
But if we pretend and I must choose

Akhtar ana loghat el3ayn
I choose the language of the eyes

She said

Sa2aletni b la7that jnoun
She asked me in a moment of madness

Law ana ghayrak haweit
If I loved someone other than you

Hel teqdar tesame7ni yom
Could you forgive me someday

Wala tjafeeni ma 7ayat
Or will you be harsh to me for as long as I live

Qeltelha hatha el sou2al
I told her that this question

Ma te7taji ts2ali
Is unnecessary of you to ask

Law 7abayti gheiri ensa
If you loved someone else, forget it

Sa3et-ha jawbi 3alih
When that moment comes, respond to him

She said

A7ebak, a7ebak, a7ebak
I love you, I love you, I love you

Qalat-ha w ghamadat 3aynayha
She said it and closed her eyes

A7ebak, a7ebak, a7ebak
I love you, I love you, I love you

Qalat-ha w ghamadat 3aynayha
She said it and closed her eyes

W e3tyatni bosa wala a7la
And she gave me a lovely kiss

Qeltelha ya raytek t3eedeeha
And I told her to do it again

*Repeats left out

I saw this song last night at Arabic's channel in ASTRO. Arrghhh forgot the number of the channel. 119 if I not mistaken. They are UTN1. Which stands for Unknown To No One. Originally from Iraq! I told you people! The first man who sang in the MV was made me, OMG, he's so jambuu!!! Plus he looks like a lady. No wonder he got long hair. While the tallest one, has unique voice. Rare. And another one is, Shant Garabedian :D . Hahahaha I mentioned his name because there are another member who are also got same height like him :P .

Ok ok enough about them. But the most important thing is,... (drum rolls)... the lyricsss!!!! I LOVE the lyrics. The song is about a guy told all of us (as a listener) about his girl. Their sweet and lovely love story :) .

* I just found out, Nadeem, who's the tallest in this group had left since 2009. What a big lose -.- . *

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