Monday, July 19, 2010


Who do you think you are? Siapa? Siapa? Siapa? Haaaa sebenarnya saya tengah dengar lagu Christina Perry - Jar of Hearts. It's a nice song. I got no class for today. So, Im just wasting my time laze around in my room. Yup. you're right, bored. But, it's ok. I pretend like nothing to be bored about. :D

Since I'm room alone, I don't want to say home alone because I'm not alone in this home, but it's just my roomate goes out since 2 hours ago, suddenly I'm thinking to post about my friend, my bestfriend, FARAH AZREEN BAHAROM.

She always be with me either in my happier or saddest times. I still remember, I cried through the phone last March. The month 'he' broke my heart. I don't know who to tell to. But, she always ready to listen my heart-broken story. Even at that time she waited LRT and wanted to go to Seremban. And she told me she's like don't know what to do (cuak). Because she knows me as a person who will NOT share anything when it comes to personal life (relationship). Plus, I never cried in front of my friends! Including her.

I have my own reason why I refuse to share my personal life with people. First, for me personal life is personal life. Plus, it's not easy for me to tell it to people. Second, I cannot put my trust in people. I don't trust people easily. Serious.

But, when I got heart-broken, I told Farah. She's willing to listen in. Furthermore, Farah knows I know 'that guy'. But, she doesn't know much. Until the day I called her. She was like surprised. She herself can't believe 'that guy' did that to me. She gave me strength and advise me to face it patiently. She also mad at 'that guy'.

Oh ya, we became friends since we're in primary school. But just know name. Not close at all. Yup not close at all! We became close when we were in Lower Six. From there, day by day we became very close.

But she's not finished her Form Six, because she got another offer to further study in nursing. And now, she's spending her holidays at home while waiting her final examination's result. I can say you, almost everyday we message each other. Haaaaa and of course we're talking about our MAN!

Her love story???? ;) Not as easy as other people. Her 'love-story-line' almost same like mine. But mine's different because me and 'that guy' never angry with each other. Just keep it in our hearts ( my heart to be exact ) and then, let the anger goes. While she, jealous is a major matter. Her partner always jealous on her for no reasons. Ok ok enough! I won't tell you more. That's it. See ya!