Saturday, March 20, 2010

But...No Buts...

* Voice record tak buat lagi.
* Nak surprise kan apa kat dia tak tahu lagi.
* Dah hampir dua bulan tak bagi-bagi lagi my recorded voice kat dia.
* Lama ouh.
* Rasa suara jadi lain kalau record and tak record.
* Kalau record macam tak natural je. Lagi kasar ada.
* Ha kalau record nak cakap apa ye?
* Adoii pening-pening.
* Fikir-fikir macam nak bagi dia more than two recorded voices.
* As a redeem due to my mistake.
* Lambat send record tu.
* Nak cakap apa ni? Arrghhh.
* I hate making promise.
* Because I dont know either I can fullfil it or not.
* I have to rush, record and send it.
* Easy right?
* buts.
* MUST do it.
* Oh idea come to me now.
* NOW.
* So that I can record 'you' = the idea.
* Counting how many days left.
* Errrkkk 3 more days left?
* Help meee!!!!!

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