Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ADB Stands for ???

I cant wait to go back home.
Because there's something waiting for me.
But at the same time it makes me quite scared.
Want to know why?

Daddy / Me : Through message : In Gender's Class

Tadi nampak another black car. Macam abang punya. Nombor plat ADB ****.
What do you up to? Want to buy it?
Hehehe saja nak collect black car. Hihihi. Your Mom suruh tengok tadi.
Haishhh kan baru je belikan untuk abang?
Yup. Tadi tengok macam ok juga.

Then my brother messaged me. Call me now. I just replied 'in class'.

Balik dari class terus call abang Zafi. Like I thought ni mesti ada kaitan dengan message Daddy ni. Abang cakap dia ikut je. Sebab Mommy cakap nak belikan untuk Zafi. Erkkk Im clueless. But Daddy didn't tell me that.

After class petang tadi Daddy called and told me that he and Mom already made a deal. Whewww after a month abang got his own 'black' and this month my parents got me another one. Mommy told me if I dont want it, then it will belong to Daddy. Its ok. Sebab Zafi jauh, nanti tak ada siapa pula nak guna. Let Daddy uses it.

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