Thursday, January 13, 2011


Verse 1
I want to be with you and think of you,
have a feeling you do not hear me!
When I write my wishes in the stars'
then I do but just to be with you.
Every second I want to spend only with you '
You give my life meaning again.
It's too good to be true,
I may teil'n with you forever my life.
God made you just for me,
It is as if he had thought of my wishes.
and now I'll tell you, forget it not,
Promise me.

I love you so much as is possible.
There is no word that this is so described.
I love you so much, it s not part any more.
I know you love me too.
We let our love just the running.

Verse 2
I love you like the sun and the sea.
You are my wife and I am your bear.
Babyboo please come on closer
because without you it is otherwise empty.
You take my heartbeat
You are the girl who knew what pain!
Baby you're just so wonderful
my love for you is getting stronger.
Look at me, baby you know
Without up to my ice
I do not live in 'Ner Villa
But pay any price,
to see you happy.
Baby you say you would never really geh'n.
So shall pass away the time with you, never '.
Baby you are my life, so it must
go on!

*Pagi-pagi bangun tidur dah dengar lagu ni. Last night, he texted me those three magic words in Germany. And this morning, while I'm YouTube-ing, I found this song. Nak cari lagu lain, tapi jumpa lagu yang bertajuk Ich Liebe Dich :) . *

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