Monday, January 31, 2011

Kerana Gambarmu Begitu Berharga

Weeee!!!! Pagi-pagi lagi dah berweee-wee kan? Ko dengan tak mandi lagi da ngadap benda alah ni. Bukan tak nak mandi, tapi sejukkkk!!! Salji tengah turun kat luar tuu!!! Heh! Verangan la ada salji kat sini :P . Tapi memang betul, lately asyik hujan je. Sejuknya, huh sampai ke tulang. Kalau nak tidur tu, tilamnya kena di-haba-kan dulu. Hahahahaha

Ok-ok ni I nak cerita ni. Cecita cecita :D :P . Epp epp, diam cerita dah nak start ni :P . Last night, he gave me special+surprise pictures :) . The first one was, a picture which he put a headband on the book and he love-shaped the headband. Can you imagine it? Yeahhh! I know you guys will say, 'Ive seen it before!' . But, the picture that he gave me, he made by himself. With all the props (headband and book), and he took the picture by himself too :) . Thanks Sayang! Am really appreciate it ;) . After he snapped it, he edited it by putting our names on the book. Aaahhh and that's why, I keep falling for him more and more now. *Blushing*.

Then the second picture was, in his bedroom ;) . Epp epp jangan fikir bukan-bukan :P . Did you guys know about one kind of lighting that people often take to go to the concert? With the light, you can 'write' it on the sky. Yeahh!!! He wrote those THREE AMAZING AND MAGICAL WORDS by using the light. But, the light could only stands for 15 seconds. So after he wrote it, he rushed to get the camera, then... snap it! ;) . You really touched my heart Sayang :) . I was like, numb and speechless :D .

Even though it looks nothing special for some people, but for me it's very meaningful and really touched my heart. Oh ya, the third picture was, him at night in the middle of 'that' city. He looks soooo thin now. Gym, gym jugak, tapi janganlah sampai kurus macam tu :( . Nanti yang nampak chubby fluffy nya saya jugak :D . *Statement jeles* :P . Urmmm apa lagi ye nak cerita? Tu je la kot for now. If there's anything, I'll share it with you ya friends. Till then, have a nice day ahead :) .

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