Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Listen To My Words

Listen to my words and believe that you are the one my soul loves
It was a dream that I wished to become true that I would be yours
Bring me close to you and hug me as much as I love you, love me
Who besides you do I care about, my entire soul is with you

I throw myself upon you and I surrender to you
you can say I submitted to you
I feel that I am flying in the sky and the love took me
I am confused and changed as if I am still young
If this is a dream that I am dreaming, I don't want to wake up

A moment of tenderness that I lived the moment I saw you
And I with the loudest voice I said I will be with you
Beside you is my path that I will continue on even if I am in the beginning of my life
I will do the impossible for your love

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