Monday, January 25, 2010

Am I A Yemeni?

Ok sepatutnya sekarang ada kelas. Tapi since the lect is not here jadi class pun batal lah. Oh siapa tak suka class batal??? Hehehe. Sebenarnya bukan nak cerita pasal tu. Pagi tadi saja suka-suka ambil quiz, bukan quiz untuk dapat pointer ya, tapi quiz dalam facebook. Quiz tu namanya What Type Of Arab Are You?

Here is the result. :)

Fifi Zafirah got Yemeni!.
You see beauty in everything! You love music, art and literature and are creative in whatever you do. Your friends know you as sensitive, artistic and loyal. You are never happier than when surrounded by family and close friends. The natural world is your favourite place to be, walking or hiking in forests and fields.

Ye ke? Some of the result is quite true. Contohnya kalau bab music. Im so into music. Sehari tak dengar music macam tak sah pula. Sensitive pun betul juga. Kalau sekali I noticed pada sesuatu perkara, I akan ingat terus. Loyal. Once I fall in love I would stick to that person. :). I also love my family. No thing in this world can replace them. Furthermore, Im a family-oriented person.

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