Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saya Okay

Early this morning, a few minutes before 5AM, I got a message from my dearest. He worried about me. He woke up in the middle of the night and texted me just to make sure I'm fine. He said, he woke up suddenly and remembered me. I'm okay Sayang. Dia risaukan saya, sebab pernah beberapa kali saya terbangun jam 3AM or 4AM. If he was in UK, he is willing to accompany me. But since he's in Jordan, it's quite rough to accompany me. Ye lah, beza waktu 5 jam je. Jadi kalau di sini dah jam 5AM, mestilah kat Jordan baru tengah malam. Dia pun nak tidur.

Don't worry about me Sayang. Thanks so much for your concern. I really appreciate it. It really touched my heart. I know you always thinking of me. Because I do the same thing too. Well great thought looks alike right? ;) . Although others think it is common, but for me, it is uncommon. You are the best and beautiful thing happened in my life Sayang :) .

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