Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Final exam! Finally you are here! Well now it's my turn to face with unpredictable exam papers. And my sayang, your duty to take care me ;) . Dulu saya yang ala-ala (apsal nak guna word ala-ala? Tak apa. Abaikan.) jaga dia bila nak exam semua, but now, dia la pulak kena hafal my exam's date. Hee :D. And thanks Allah, today's paper went well. My next papers are on 26th, 29th, and 1st December. Nasib baik semester ni ada gap untuk exam. Tak payah nak pening-pening and sakit kepala macam nak pecah menghafal. Best of luck to me and ha yeah, to all SPM 2010 candidates, including my sister, Nur Safra Zarifah. Let try to catch flying colours result!

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