Friday, November 5, 2010

The Ring Finger

Why do we wear our wedding rings on the finger we do? Because according to a Chinese legend, this finger represents partnership.

You don't believe us? All you have to do to be sure is join together all of your fingers and then fold the two middle fingers over. Now try to pull your hands apart. The 'ring fingers' will stick together.

Can you separate your thumbs? Yes, because these fingers represent your parents, and you must separate from your parents one day.

You can also separate your index finger because these fingers represent brothers and friends. There is a moment in your life when you will separate from some friends and even family.

Along the same lines, the pinky finger represents your future children.

And the middle finger represents you!

So the ring finger, the only one that is impossible to separate, represents your future partner, someone you will spend your whole life with.

Interesting and sweet, don't you think?

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