Monday, November 1, 2010

Outrageous October

Happy November Everyone!!!

This is the 1st day in November. Time is flying so fast. If you noticed or not, we just have another a month to reach. December. Well peeps, how the October treated you? Good or bad? For me, October had been so kind to me and my family. There were so many things, wonderful things, happened in my life.

7th October = My Abah's 52nd birthday.
10th October = My brother's engagement day.
15th October = My ****** finished his practical. Working life is ahead of you ;) .
18th October = My brother's 1st day of working. Rezeki bertunang :) .

Overall, October was like a blessed month. Me and him are getting better and close day by day. Ouh but hey, 'something' not good popped out between us. He didn't tell me that 'something'. My sisters told me that. I was like...what??? Ouh please, let us have what we have now. That 'something' please go. Maybe this is what we call obstruction @ halangan. Ye lah, dulu tak ada pun kan, ni tiba-tiba je benda ni datang. He told my sister, and asked for opinion. My sister said, just considered it as obstruction in your relationship. This matter suddenly popped out right? Maybe Allah wants to test you. Look how matured answer my little sister gave him. Luckily he can accept the answer and was like yeah, dugaan yang tak terduga :D. I (him) can handle this and I don't want your sister sad. And again, I act like I don't know nothing. Hehehe :)

So, was October treated you kindly? I hope October treated you nicely like mine :) .

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