Friday, November 26, 2010


Once loves come, I will never ever let it goes. I will hold it tight so that no one can seize it from me. I am super duper happy with him now. Even though we are so far away, but we believe only heart can make our love stronger day by day. Once I love someone, I will love him with all my heart. I thought a lot. Who says I'm just thinking about now? Well, it's so false. I always thinking for long term condition. I want the best for us and also for both families. I want us live happy and blessed. I want to be the greatest to him. I want to be the one who always there for him no matter in thin and thick times. Even though the world seems upsides downs, but as long as I have him and Allah and family, I will be a lot okay. I don't want to hurt him and at the same time don't want to get hurt. I try my best to give the best that I can. I want both of us satisfied with each other. I know no body is perfect. But we can be perfect with our own way. I want both of us share the sad and happy moments together. I want both of us share giggle even for the no reasons. Sometimes giggling for no reasons could make a moment more special. I just don't want any bad thing occurs in our relationship. Allah, please guide us. Please make our hearts strong and avoid any doubtful feeling between us.

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