Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hilang Punca

1. Busy.
2. Tak dapat my message.
3. Tak ada kredit (tapi macam tak mungkin lak).
4. Maybe you're mad at your ex and you don't want to spoil our time. So you ended our message's time suddenly.
5. Your handphone masuk toilet bowl/ jatuh longkang/ masuk air/ rosak.
6. Lastly, I am thinking something big now. But not in a good way. In negative way for sure. It's really make me worry and make my blood vessels go ups and downs. And of course what I am thinking right now is something negative. And I can't stand to say it. Well you may guess it. Girl's heart. Of course I am afraid. So do you, right? Girls out there, I mean.

Frankly speaking, I don't know what I feel right now. It's a mixed feelings. Worry + Sad + Angry + Merajuk + Doubtful + but my SAYANG still there for YOU.

* Worry because I don't want anything happen to you.
* Sad because you're 'disappeared' just like that.
* Angry because you didn't explain anything at me. At least tell me you are busy or something or someone bothered you.
* Merajuk lah sebab tiba-tiba je kan. Berbeku rasa dalam hati ni. Sampai tak tau rasa mana yang banyak menguasai.
* Doubtful because the way you disappeared. Well kalau tak banyak, sikit rasa was-was tu mesti ada. Alasan yang ni ada kaitan dengan no.6 kat atas tadi tu. Fahamkan apa maksud saya?
* SAYANG. Need I say more? If you ask me, I would say sayang is still there. I don't want to deny it. Or else I'll be a liar.

Hopefully, the no.6 is not right like I thought.

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