Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My darling tell me, oh you who has filled me with your affection

Say those who live for you, your soul adores me

My darling, give the love I have been hoping for and the love you've been waiting for

And you were tired until you had found it and you won't forget

My darling, you are the light of my eyes, come here I am waiting and you are all mine

One night away from you feels like a year and I will never taste joy unless you are with me, my darling

My darling, every single night you lived them for me and I lived them for you

Every word I had told you when I was holding you

My darling, every time my eyes see you I am at ease

And I feel I am holding the world in my arms, I am not lacking anything

* Keep listening to this song over and over. Great song, great lyric, great singer, great rythm. Thanks to great YOU :)

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