Monday, July 26, 2010


Gelak goleng-goleng saya atas katil bila Farah cakap dia bagitau her BF pasal kisah saya and that guy. Hahahaha..It's funny. Want to know why? Because Farah and I had a conversation on FB. Then Farah mentioned my guy's name. I told Farah please don't spell it. Because I got lots of watchers. From his foster sisters to their relatives. Hahaha. I don't know why they added me up but they never say HYE to me. But, that's ok. As long as they never disturb me and do thing which I don't like.

Ok, back to the story, Farah's bf tak percaya dengan ayat ramai pemerhati. Dia ingatkan pemerhati Farah. But, what I was trying to say's my watchers. So to convince her bf, Farah told me and that guy story. Kan dah tak pasal-pasal kisah saya dan dia diketahui oleh orang lain. Tapi tak apa je saya cakapt kat Farah, because her bf is not my watcher at all. Jadi dah diterangkan begitu, her bf pun ok lah. Kalau tak nanti, dia orang gaduh tak habis-habis. Hahaha..

Yang paling lucu, her bf cakap kisah saya and that guy tu tragis. TRAGIS OK!!! I asked Farah, why did her bf says like that? What did you tell him? Farah pun cakaplah, dia bagitau pasal sakit tu and the history between that guy and urmm *sigh* THAT girl. Like I thought. That part's so tragic. GGG. And hell yeah, I asked Farah to tell me from the start when I get back home this weekend. Can't wait for it Far! Hahaha...

Oh ha, and Farah told her bf that me and that guy is a low-profile couple. Ok that part is really made me smile all the way and I admit it. Buat apa nak kecoh-kecoh kan? I just keep it at the low key and follow the flow. Jangan sampai langgar batu dalam air sudah. Sakit whoah!

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