Sunday, July 18, 2010


Salam and good morning! Have all of you had your breakfast? Me? Already. Minum Milo dan biskut marie perasa coklat je. Sedap ouh!

Urmm I supposed to outing today. To KL. But, I cancelled it last minute. For no reasons. I don't why I made that decision. Pity to my friend who were willing to accompany me. But I screwed it up. Im sorry friend for troubling you. I didn't meant it. Mulut cakap nak keluar untuk release tension, tapi hati macam berat je tak nak pergi. Haih macam mana tu?

Lately, I feel like I lost my spirit. I lost momentum on study, I guess it is because I had finished my semester break for 2 months at home, and yeah my timetable for this semester. I don't know why my classes are far between each other. More than 10KMs ok. And to make things more complicated, the busses's problem. All of these make me dizzy and need to calm down.

Sabar Nurul. Mula-mula memang macam tu. Orang lain lagi lah, nak belajar tapi tak dapat tempat. Jauh pun jauh la, lama-lama ok la tu.

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