Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Weeks

Honestly speaking, I'm trying to get my momentum of blogging back on track. I don't know where is my passion on blogging. Almost 3 weeks I didn't post any entries in my blog. And at that time, many things happened. Shuhkran, all the things happened were the good things. I think it's better for me to keep it all by myself. Because it's too many to tell. Sorry ya ;)

But, hey, I want to share with you, that HIM is recovered from his operation. He emailed me last Friday = 9th July 2010. After 3 weeks. As usual, he sent me 'surprises'. And, that is why, I keep missing him. Duhhh.. ;(

Get well soon! Wahashteny ya Ami!!!! I missed my Abah, Mommy, Adik-adik and my family.