Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Like The Way You Call My Name

Auuwwww you touched my heart. I like the way you call my name. Sounds like odd but I just love it. To YOU : Thanks for yesterday. You fulfilled your promise to me.

Sungguh saya rasa tak nak semalam berlalu. Tapi saya harus sedar hakikat itu. For your own good. You are always in my Doas. Semalam tidur tak lena. Risau lah pasal operation tu. Terlupa nak pesan kat your brother, do message and inform me about your progress. I just do not want to lose you. Am really not. Please message me as fast as you get recovered from the operation.

Please be strong and fight it. I know you can do it. You are my pakcik, right? ;)

I don't want to cry. I must be strong. Menangis tak menolong apa pun. I need someone to hear all my worries. Wahashteny ya Ami!!!

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