Thursday, May 20, 2010

Po Po Po Poem

Aduhhh bosan sungguh hari ni. Seharian menghadap FB and YM. Youtube dah tengok, slow macam siput pulak. Refresh kat FB sendiri dah berapa kali refresh dah. Hurmm teringat pulak kat Reader's Digest. Pagi tadi baca poem dalam Reader's tu. Lepas tu ada link poem. So I did browse the link. Best baca all the poems. Ni salah satu poem yang I baca. Tengok ni :

“No, I wasn’t meant to love and be loved”

by Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

No, I wasn’t meant to love and be loved.
If I’d lived longer, I would have waited longer.

Knowing you are faithless keeps me alive and hungry.
Knowing you faithful would kill me with joy.

Delicate are you, and your vows are delicate, too,
so easily do they break.

You are a laconic marksman. You leave me
not dead but perpetually dying.

I want my friends to heal me, succor me.
Instead, I get analysis.

Conflagrations that would make stones drip blood
are campfires compared to my anguish.

Two-headed, inescapable anguish!—
Love’s anguish or the anguish of time.

Another dark, severing, incommunicable night.
Death would be fine, if I only died once.

I would have liked a solitary death,
not this lavish funeral, this grave anyone can visit.

You are mystical, Ghalib, and, also, you speak beautifully.
Are you a saint, or just drunk as usual?

Translated by Vijay Seshadri


  1. hhhaha..
    bagus juga kata2nya...and dalam juga maknanya.. nice2..

  2. yuppp!!! paling trkesan adalah kata2 ini : If I’d lived longer, I would have waited longer. saya pun x prnh trfikir..ehehehehe...

  3. hehehe...
    tapi tak baek juga lah kalau kite menunggu terlalu mudah2n saje ap kite harapkan and ikhtiarkan selama ni terqobul..ameen..
    Semangat fi..hehehe