Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I miss you, my spirit of my soul is longing for you
Swear by your eyes, that my soul melted
From a long time I miss to you
Oh the past, come back to the description of you
The reason is after you my love
the reason is after you my love
my love after love
be tender to him, be tender to him
and accept him the way he is
the nights are long, the nights are long
Your love wrapped me around
The black eyes,
and the
the wind of my heart
Its thursty, its thursty
oh moon, oh moon
its awake, for the precious one
and your picture, your picture
is in my heart and mind
no matter what happens, I will never forget
your days, your days
And I wish that you come back to me
your love, your love

*lagu ni tiada kena mengena dengan Zafi. Sebab lagu ni macam suruh her love come back. Zafi punya ada je. :) *

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